Poetry #2

We’re finishing another year,
A thousand questions left unanswered still,
But only one that will make us go uphill,
Where do we go from here?

To make the best of life is my advice,
Be the best version of you,
No matter what you value,
Go on adventures and search your paradise.

Personally, 2016 has been quite good,
And I’m both excited and scared for what the future will hold,
I don’t want silver, I aim for gold,
And I could if I would, so I should.

I want to climb, ascend
Oh dear, where do I end?


Poetry #1

We’re getting to the end of the year
It’s time to start reflecting
Wondering how I got here
And what I was expecting

From the beginning to the end,
Look how far I’ve come
Even without a boyfriend,
Are you proud of me, mom?

I’ve learned look at the small things that make us feel content
Becoming best friends with my new dog, and smelling a delicious scent

We are here for ourselves,
Because in the end, it’s all we’ve got
At Christmas, we may have the elves,
But we need put ourselves out there, right on the spot.

One year ago, I wouldn’t have stood here,
Not daring, or wanting to disappear,
And wishing the end to be near
But I am strong, I am here.