Labelling Myself

I had a talk with a psychologist today because of my concentration problem, which I thought was due to me being an HSP. She was thinking more in the direction of ADD and gave me the option to have this be investigated further. The other option was to just accept who I am and to live with it, which I decided because the only advantage I would have with the diagnosis ADD is getting medication. I have a few reasons why I don’t want to have this label sticked on to me:

  • It’s a label designed by this world of label-makers. Why don’t we just accept who we are and let people be ‘different’? Being ‘different’ is the standard nowadays, and the only thing we can do to go against this is to not label ourselves. I want to be ‘me’ without this label, without being judged by anyone. I want to be accepted.
  • Medication. It might be good for my concentration, but every medication has its side effects and is probably bad for the environment.
  • The only advantage, like I said, would be to improve my concentration on important moments, but as my grades are still quite good, I don’t feel like I need it.

And now there are these people who don’t understand me making this choice of just accepting. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am lost. Lost in this world full of ignorant people who I don’t get.


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