What To Do In The Summer

This year, I said to myself that I wanted to go on a proper holiday with my friends to a sunny place, and meet lots of friends over the summer. Both didn’t happen, but I did do some other things.

  1. Go on a trip. I went to London in the first week of the summer holiday with my study association, but that was basically it. I’m still gutted I didn’t go to other places.
  2. Having days out. I did have some fun days, such as going to the zoo with a couple of friends, going to a place to swim, trampoline jumping with friends, sleepovers, going to the cinema (I’d recommend Finding Dory).
  3. Work. I was planning to earn a bit of money, but I didn’t want to work a lot. I applied at my local employment agency, planning to take on temp work. By chance, I got sent to help in the kitchen of a restaurant, preparing desserts and other food and it turned out I worked there for more than a month.
  4. Hanging out with friends. I wished I would’ve done it more this summer, but as I had to work often, I always had to plan things in the morning or on days off.
  5. Relax and take your rest. I have slept a lot this holiday. Nine hours each day, every day. I apparently needed it, and I’m feeling a lot more relaxed than when the holiday had just started. I recently was feeling a bit panicky and overwhelmed, and I just had to go out of the house, so I cycled to a place and watched the sunset. It was beautiful, calming, and a good place and time to think. Relaxing also means watching series, or in my case, the Olympics, PointlessBlogZoella, and more youtubers.
  6. Exercise. Even though the season may be over, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do any exercise. Go on a bike ride, go for a run, or just go for a walk with your dog. It’s so nice and, in fact, really easy to go out and do stuff instead of go on Netflix or Youtube. Another option is just to play with your dog, like I did. It can be just as exhausting as ‘proper’ exercise.
  7. Read a book (or many). It may sound weird as I’m a student of literature, but I couldn’t find the time to read a book for pleasure during college. I have loads of books on my bookshelves that still need to be read, and a few were lucky this summer: Me Before You, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Clockwork Angel, and a few more. I want to read more than I’m able to, but still, diving into another world is a really good feeling.

These are the things that I’ve done this summer, it doesn’t seem much, but time has flown by, and I’m starting my second year at uni in one week’s time!